Should Have Sent A Poet

by Sorab



This project wouldn't have been the same without the support I've received along the way from friends and family. A massive thank you to all musicians involved helping to bring these tracks to life. Another big thanks to Misdigest for the guidance along the way.


released August 31, 2015

All tracks written & produced by Sorab



all rights reserved


MisDigest Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Human ft. Jermaine
We gotta go, see other places,
We gotta go, see other faces,
You should know there ain't no such thing as races
Yes we're Human, you man have no basis.

So listen now let me tell you my stories,
Cus I am coming from my place in history,
And if you still got a question then ask me,
But I know where my place is I'm Human, Human.
Track Name: Sam ft. Violet & Darius Darkwater
Wasn't born with the cleverest mind,
But I was born with a reverent heart.
And as I got older, I started to tear them apart,
I just don't know,
Don't know what to do with myself,
And everywhere around me,
People blind that they living in hell.

Go be true to yourself.

I flopped exams, so did Sam,
I was like, man what will you do?
Roll in a gang in a manner and if mandem wanna act bad then I’ll move to,
Uh, not for me, personally that’s not what I’m used to.
Through all the badman rambling, Sam said something useful:
You gotta grab it to have it, don’t think it’ll come through magic or voodoo.
Since then I lost some friends, all I knew was Gumtree and Google,
Spent months on the job hunt, on the job front nothing was fruitful,
I was unusually frugal sat in my room chewing on noodles,
Chewing my nails, Chewing my pen, beautiful girls no moving to them,
Sam couldn’t choose, Lucy or Jen, moving to them and two of their friends.
Moving the bugle and peng, choosing to spend all on the newest of trends.
Me, I was so low-key when the local dealer said: hold those please,
I was like no, I know what that means, I owe you so I won’t go free,
I don’t wanna owe no G’s to the road OG’s,
I ain’t in love with the coco beans,
If you think that then you don’t know me,
Ended up moving so ghostly, so lonely I couldn’t stop,
People on road saying what have you got,
Ended up working a job at a shop,
Moping it up and then stocking it up, wasn’t enough,
Heart was screaming, follow your gut,
Gut was screaming open your mind,
Mind took me right back to a time,
When there was no Pythagoras in my maths book it was stacked with lines,
Then, Sam was racking lines, then I was rapping lines,
Then those were happy times,
Why not bring them back and bridge the gap in fact you have to shine?
That’s right,
Why not bring that backing track and bridge that gap in fact you have to shine?

Where are we going

Might not be the smartest but I know in my heart I’m an artist,
Don’t wanna be swallowed by darkness, Follow the chance and start this.

Then I went away, I went away and thought,
What is the problem that’s causing the problem about these parts?
But while I was searching blinded by the dark,
I found it inside myself just by looking in my own heart.

Go, Be true to yourself,

Let’s skip straight to the middle of May,
I was getting paid to spit in the raves,
Dropping the bars to the kick of the bass,
Ridiculous place, watching the ladies wiggle their waist,
Literally throwing their knickers on stage.
Sam and his gang, sniffing the yay, staring my down in a sickening way,
Like I just gave them a kick in the face.
Carried on spitting, they had venom I had volition,
I had the mic and they had to listen, proud of the vibe that I’m giving,
Smiling and grinning, Catching the eyes of the women,
Getting them hyped to the rhythm, Life is a game and I’m finally winning,
Should have listened to my inhibition. Oh well I’m embracing the change,
Life on the road weren’t staying the same,
Youngers hungry for making a name,
Staking a claim to be the top dealer the name of the game,
Topple the leader and take all the fame, that was the aim,
They couldn’t wait, they weren’t afraid of taking the case,
Like, let’s start raiding the base,
Put a 12-gague in the face,
Take all the grade and the yay, make an escape, blatantly paid,
Sam and the man better stay in the place if they
Get in our way then we’re blazing a flame,
That’s what they would say,
At the back of the flats whilst they’re blazing the eights.
Day by day, plotting their rise,
All by robbing them blind,
Sam and mandem were shotting the white,
Dropping the stock in the block in the night,
Oblivious of their demise,
Not even thinking something’s not right.
Two weeks, May 29th, just got back from playing a show,
Sam and the mandem taking a drive,
Couple of youngers waiting to go,
Two more youngers gave them a sing,
All four youngers made an approach,
To the trap for the white and the green,
And before they thought they might’ve been seen,
Sam and the mandem arrive on the scene,
All you could hear was a bang and a scream.

Ambulance waking the neighbours are saying, what could it be?
A flicker of light coming on in the block as we ogle a squad of police.
I’m not gonna lie, I can feel something deep inside bothering me.
I knew to myself, if I weren’t true to myself,
That body in the ground could have been me.
Track Name: Stories ft. Jermaine
These are my stories, these stories are mine,
Listen hard don't ignore me and surely you'll fall in behind,
For the sick and the poorly, for the deaf and the blind,
We owe one and each other to tell stories of truths and of rights,

It ain't right, no,
Didn't your mother she tell you so,
It ain't true, you,
Better get on with what you're supposed to do,
I think we, are gonna be free,
We gotta break away from this ecxonomic slavery,
It's gonna be hard noone said it was easy,
But then we gotta work noone gonna be lazy.